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 Màquina AG Press

In just a finger press time with the minimum effort.

It may be reopened at any time without damaging the documents and covers that could be re-used after.

Ref. 591
Thanks to the 8 different backbone thickness ranges of the AG PRESS system you can bind from 10 up to 300 sheets. In addition, the universal AG PRESS system allows you to bind different capacity ranges without having to modify the binder.
Màquina AG Press

Reference no. Sheets
548.R1 from 10 up to 40 sheets
548.R2 from 41 up to 95 sheets
548.R3 from 96 up to 125 sheets
548.R4 from 126 up to 150 sheets
548.R5 from 151 up to 185 sheets
548.R6 from 186 up to 225 sheets
548.R7 from 226 up to 265 sheets
548.R8 from 266 up to 300 sheets


Hardback cover qualities:

  • Standard: Badalek cover material burgundy colour.

  • Request to specify fabrication:
    • Personalized printing cover: Printing paper PVC-coated covering matt or glassy.
    • Badalek vovering material hot stamping (+iron)
    • "Glass" cover: Transparent plstinc front cover and badalek back hardcover.


Softback cover qualities:


  • Standard: Glossy grey - green - red - blue - black card 250gr.
  • Personalized printing cover: Printing card (4+0) matt or glossy.