When you want to bind with a SPIRAL or WIRE - O system and wants to obtain the best  presentation, we have developed a "special cover"  that wraps the block. From a hard cover we can personalize any design that help to us as well as the measures and grosores that is necessary.

Hard cover with round loin and with a carton leaf(sheet) for the low part of the block to binding.

Standard Colours: Blue and Black  (in boxes of 10 units for measure and colour)

For special order, the minimum is 50 units for measure and color, with an approximate term of delivery of 25 days.

Very importantly !! Put the carton flyleaves at the end of the block to binding. Bind of habitual form, with system wire - or or spiral. Centre on the left side of the cover AGCover the bound block and define the correct position on the adhesive strip of our cover.
There withdraws the protector of the adhesive strip of the cover AGCover. The block presses on it and closing the cover. You have ready your new presentation !!


We have 3 models of covers for all the standard loin spiral bindings.

AG COVER REF 549.1E:  

  • Spiral 8 (40 sheet aprox.)
  • Spiral 10 (60 sheet aprox)
  • Spiral 12 (80 sheet aprox.)
  • Spiral 14 (100 sheet aprox.)

AG COVER REF 549.2E:  

  • Spiral 16 (120 sheet aprox.)
  • Spiral 18 (140 sheet aprox)
  • Spiral 20 (160 sheet aprox.)
  • Spiral 22 (180 sheet aprox.)
  • Spiral 24 (200 sheet aprox.)
  • Spiral 26 (220 sheet aprox).


  • Spiral 28 (240 sheet aprox.)
  • Spiral 30 (260 sheet aprox)
  • Spiral 32 (280 sheet aprox.)
  • Spiral 34 (300 sheet aprox.)