The Ā«CompletĀ»-System is made up of a wraparound cover set (covers available in grey and Bordeaux red), two flyleaves and two acetate strips.

It allows you to bind DIN A4 loose sheets with a single backbone going from 35 up to 170, from 170 up to 300 and from 300 up to 430 sheets.

In the event the pages to be bound are already punched, the paper block can also be fastened with our rivet system AG-Clip©.

The result is a durable, good-looking binding.

Sizes : DIN A4

Quality: Hard Covers

Assembly Instructions

Set the paper block (including flyleaves) and insert the nails into the holes of the drag band.

Place a washer onto every nail and pull down using both thumbs. Once the washer is closed, it cannot be re-opened, guaranteeing the inviolability of the document.

Cut off the remaining part of the nail right above the washer with a plier. The paper block is ready for the assembly of the self-adhesive covers and backbone.

Remove the protective strip from the self-adhesive cover or backbone.

End the binding process by pressing on the self-adhesive cover or backbone.

Test the durability and inviolability of our self-adhesive covers and backbones.


Stiff Covers (box with 25 sets)

Reference no. Color Sizes
545.r0 Bordeaux Red 1-34 sheets A4
545.r1 Bordeaux Red 35-150 sheets A4
545.r2 Bordeaux Red 150-300 sheets A4
545.r3 Bordeaux Red 300-410 sheets A4

Stiff Covers (box with 25 sets) "COPY-SHOP SERIES"

Reference no. Color Sizes
545.E0 Red/Blue/Yellow/Green/Black 1-34 sheets A4
545.E1 Red/Blue/Yellow/Green/Black 35-150 sheets A4
545.E2 Red/Blue/Yellow/Green/Black 150-300 sheets A4
545.E3 Red/Blue/Yellow/Green/Black 300-410 sheets A4
Colors Standard