Sistema Classic



This binding system is made up of two separate covers in grey or Bordeaux red, a self-adhesive backbone, two flyleaves. You can bind books of either continuous machine paper (using the drag band) or loose punched DIN A4 sheets, which can be delivered by AG. No thickness limit.

Sizes: DIN A4 and A3, 11 and 12 inches long and 23, 24 and 37 cm wide.

Quality: Covers in stiff, flexible and DeLuxe (padded) quality. The paper block can be stitched with our AG Clip© Rivet System

Assembly Instructions

Set the paper block and insert the nails inside the holes of the drag band.

Place the washers onto the nails and press easily.

Once the washer has been inserted, it can not be removed. This way the inviolability of the bound document is ensured.

Use a plier to cut off the reminding part of the clip. The paper block is ready to be bound with the self-adhesive covers and backbones.

Place the covers upon the paper block.

Remove the protective self-adhesive strip.

Stick the covers to the paper block.

Assemble the protection corners.


Stiff Covers (box containing 25 sets)

Reference no. Color Size
540.1 Grey 30,56-21,5cm. DIN A4
540.A Grey 21,5-30,5cm. (oblong) DIN A4
540.R Bordeaux Red 30,56-21,5cm. DIN A4
Flexible Covers (box containing 50 sets)
Reference no. Color Size
540.5 Grey 30,5-21,5cm. DIN A4
544.5 Grey Clear DIN A4 (100 sheets)
Cover De Luxe (box containing 10 sets)
Reference no. Color Size
540.L Dark Crimson 30,5-21,5cm. DIN A4